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Our office uses state of the art technologies and best practices. Our team is incredibly dedicated to our patient family and we offer top-notch, personalized care.



Orthodontist Dr. Podray, Dentist Dr. Foltz and Pediatric Dentist Dr. Obebe provide a gentle caring experience to our patients. Our offices use state of the art technologies and best practices. Our team is incredibly dedicated to our patient family we offer top-notch, personalized care. We will do all we can during each visit to achieve results quickly and gently, help you feel informed and empowered, and do our best to make certain you are happy and comfortable.

Dr. Susan Podray-Donovan
Dr. Susan Podray-DonovanOrthodontist
My name is Dr. Susan Podray, and I am the new owner and orthodontist of Serenity Smiles. I have three orthodontic practices in North Atlanta and am looking forward to begin practicing in Roswell. I have built my orthodontic practices on compassion for working families, value in orthodontics, and excellent outcomes. The core values of my current orthodontic practices are patient safety, positive orthodontic experiences, and perfectly straight, beautiful smiles for children, teens, and adults. I will begin treating orthodontic patients in Roswell while my colleague, Dr. Foltz, serves as the primary dentist at our practice.
Dr. Steven Foltz
Dr. Steven FoltzDentist
My name is Dr. Steven Foltz, and I am the dentist at Serenity Smiles. I have been a family dentist in North Georgia for several years, and I’m excited to live closer to my family and support my new Roswell community. I am experienced in complete dental healthcare, and I have personal and professional goals of preventing oral disease and improving systemic health. My core value and treatment approach is that a healthier mouth means a healthier you, and I love to work with my patients to improve both their oral health and their overall wellbeing. I also have special interest in implant and restorative cosmetic dentistry, as I believe they are both excellent ways to rehabilitate and rejuvenate the form and function of our teeth. As a father of three kids, I also know how to treat children and adults with gentle techniques born out of compassion and excellence.

Expert Dentistry & Orthodontics

We are both passionate dental professionals who are excited to be a part of your family’s dental health journey. Serenity Smiles will remain in contract with your dental plans in order to keep excellent dentistry affordable. We look forward to helping you maintain your oral health, take preventative measures against disease and other problems, and live the best life you can. We are zealous about serving our friends, neighbors, and community members in the Roswell area, please contact us with any questions or to schedule a complimentary consultation!

Company Values

Your smile, Your health, Your excellent dental outcome is our mission. We strive to assist our patients in reaching their smile goals. We take the fear out of dentistry by utilizing the most gentle techniques, latest technologies and payment plans and dental insurances to make dentistry comfortable, esthetic and affordable.

We believe that each and every person in our community should feel confident to move through life with a beautiful, healthy smile. We believe your smile should reflect you, from inside to the world.

We promise to treat each person in our care to the highest standards of care to our profession. Our team operates on 3 core values: Patient safety, excellent dentistry and positive experiences.



We had an amazing experience with Dr. Podray and her Staff. My daughter has a beautiful smile. When choosing an orthodontist you need a team of people that care and will work with you on scheduling! Thank goodness we chose Serenity because they make it an enjoyable and easy experience for us!

Serenity you truly have become part of our family and will always be talked about even when Emily and William are out of braces. Not too many people can say that about their doctors office. You guys (and everyone who works for you) are exactly what a family needs to go through this step in life. Orthodontic treatment is scary and exciting but you make it feel so easy. We could not be happier and we tell everyone we know. Hugs to you all!!
Sue D.

As Always, Great staff, and such meticulous care for my eleven-year old daughter. couldn’t have chosen a better first-time doctor!

Celeste C.

As an adult, I was nervous about starting treatment later in life than most. Dr. Podray and her staff have made the experience so easy and painless! I’m finally getting the smile I’ve always wanted thanks to everyone at Serenity. They have flexible hours that work around my schedule and are always there for any questions or concerns I may have throughout my treatment. I would recommend Serenity Orthodontics to anyone who is interested in perfecting their smile.

Jerry F.
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